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Eviction´s Company in Alicante

The illegal occupation of houses is a problematic that has been suffering Spain for years ago, so our Eviction´s Company in Alicante is your solution.

Nowadays the cases are increasing over all in cities like Alicante, where it has increased the 60% of illegal occupation in the last 5 years.

Briefing the Squatters process in Alicante is the same that in the rest of Spain: They are people who bursting in the properties with the methodology of living with no paying taxes and avoiding to pay a legal house renting.


It is and easy but ilegal way of living in a property that has been extended in Alicante worrying a lot to the houses owners. On this way our Eviction´s Company in Alicante is offering effective services in order to finish with the problem once that Squatters have occupied the home of our customer.

The premise is an effective attention to the problem through a professional approach to each case and thereby achieve the express eviction adhering to applicable legal terms.

Why contracting our Eviction´s company in Alicante?

Our Eviction´s company in Alicante is acting with mediation mechanism that asure in record time the eviction of the squatters that have been occupied illegaly your houses.

We are recognize for our speed and effective attention keeping informed to the customer and eradicating the helplessness feeling that the common ways provoke. An example are the formalities in the court in order to process the eviction.

In our Eviction´s company in Alicante we offer accessible cost and qualified personnel for your tranquility. Exceptional attention for our exceptional customers! Evictions 100% guaranteed.

How much time do you take for evicting squatters in Alicante?

Te preguntarás. ¿En cuánto tiempo luego de contratarnos podemos hacer la desokupación? Pues te contamos que nos caracterizamos por ofrecer el servicio de desalojo express Alicante.

En dicho servicio luego de haber analizado el caso del cliente así como el perfil del okupa estimamos el tiempo del proceso que en la mayoría de los casos requerirá tan solo 48 horas.

Cabe destacar que hay casos más complejos donde la mediación y posterior desocupación suele demorar un poco más. En este contexto el tiempo máximo sería de siete días.

En cualquier caso nuestra empresa desocupación Alicante buscará que el desalojo sea cuanto antes a fin de devolver la tranquilidad cuanto antes a nuestros clientes.

You will wonder, how much time after contracting us we can do the eviction? We are characterized because we offer the service of express eviction Alicante.

This service after analyzing the case of the client, such as the squatter profile, the process time in the vast majority of the cases will take 48 hours.

It is important to say that the most complex cases where the mediation and eviction usually lates a bit more. In this context the maximum time would be of one week.

In any case our Eviction´s Company in Alicante will seek that the eviction is as soon as possible in order to return the tranquility as soon as to our customers.

Our evictions are legals in Alicante

Our Eviction´s Company in Alicante acts in legal terms that protect to the properties.

In this way it is acting in a law framework attending the Penal Code such as reglaments of police departments and including the city halls.

With this we ensure that the terms of the eviction don´t negatively affect the customer. This is how the possibilities of lawsuits or penalties wrong doing are mitigated.

Remember that our Eviction´s Company in Alicante is offering you 100% guaranteed and professional solutions.

We are your best supporting option. Ready to contact us?

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