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We figure out your SQUATTER problems

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Peaceful solutions

We take friendly agreements between SQUATTERS and our customers

Dealing importance

We make that the SQUATTER understands which are his possibilities and in order to do that we deal the

Rapidly and effectives

Más del 80% de las desoKupaciones las realizamos en menos de 48 horas.

How can we help you?

    Best solutions in order to put out SQUATTERS from your house

    We trust in our work. We know we can help you and that´s the reason because we are here. We make that you recover your home as soon as possible and in the best condition.

    Our goals: That you recover your home.

    Legal advice

    El asesoramiento jurídico es una parte indispensable de cualquier procedimiento de mediación ante inquilinos precarios y desalojo de ocupantes. Así mismo contamos con expertos abogados en las distintas áreas de civil, mercantil y penal.

    Dealing with non-payment tenants

    Intermediación con inquilinos para rescindir, ampliar o modificar contrato de arrendamiento de forma amistosa.

    Dealing with SQUATTERS

    Experiencia en dar una salida pactada a los ocupantes de propiedades privadas a través de una negociación llevada a cabo con mediadores profesionales.

    Dealing with non-contract tenants

    Mediamos con los inquilinos y llegamos a un acuerdo amistoso de la manera más rápida y sobretodo beneficiosa para nuestros cliente

    Why are we the best for your solutions?

    Legal department with more than 30 years of experience

    Contamos con un equipo cualificado, equilibrado y experto en técnicas de mediación y negociación. Más de 30 años de gabinete jurídico nos avalan.

    We are reals!

    Contamos con oficinas físicas donde podemos atenderte para conocer tu caso más detenidamente. Podrás visitarnos en nuestros despachos ubicados en Alicante.

    We can help you where ever you are

    Estamos físicamente en Alicante pero gracias a la digitalización podemos ayudarte estés en la ciudad que estés. Contamos con equipos de mediación en diferentes comunidades autónomas: Com. Valenciana, Cataluña, Murcia, Madrid, Castilla la mancha e Islas Baleares.

    We guarantee the eviction of your house!

    Talk clearly, we assure the eviction of your house because we attend all your needs as they were us. From ServiOkupas we act with discretion and professionally, we understand your problems and that´s the reason because we asses you and we will give to you the best solution. We carry out evictions daily with a higher percentage of success.

    We make daily vacancy with a very high success rate and, let me tell you that, your case is not going to be any different. We don’t want you to be one of those who would have started today in a year’ time.

    I need your help

    Stories of our customers

    “We were years with the process of eviction of our house and in less than one month we came back to it”

    — C.Z.P.

    “There were moments were I was let everything down and that was the momento where ServiOkupas figure out everything. Thank you!

    — A.C.G.

    “Everything was faster and easy. Thank you!

    — D.H.Z.

    “When i could not see any solution for my problema I found ServiOkupa and finally I have recovered my house”

    — M.V.G.

    In one year, it is posible that you had wished to start today. Talk?

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