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Eviction´s Company in Valencia

It is not a secret that the illegal occupations are a social problematic that can affect to all the Spaniards, for that having account a really good company of evictions as our in Valencia, it is essential.

People who incurs in the invasion of the private property are known like SQUATTERS. That occupation it is not legal.

In many times these properties have been conferred on them as tenants or in the worst case they invade the uninhabited private properties.

Valencia doesn´t escape to this reality, so the tranquility of owners of properties it is compromised. They only ant to recover the security and that their private property right gets reestablished.

Facing this landscape our Eviction´s Company in Valencia offer services of eviction of squatters. Guaranteeing the social sensitive for this process.

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Why contracting our eviction´s company in Valencia


Our company procures doing everything well!

This means that the people who are sitting in order to deal between the parts are we. In our services we offer:

Negotiating with the precarious tenants: In order to get friendly agreements that over all get profits to our clients.

Negotiating with defaulter tenants: In this case the aim is to reach an agreement that terminates or extend the contract by mediating with the tenant so that he is entitled to the cost of his tenant status.

Mediating with Squatters: This is our main compromise and our pride. Mediating with the illegal Squatters with the aim of figuring out with a peaceful and just outcome of the squatter in benefices of the client. Professional agents are in the best disposition in order to develop this labour.

It is important to say that the Eviction´s Company in Valencia we have got Professionals in Security and Legality. And it makes easy the labour of evicting the Squatters with a highly sense of the ethic and responsibility.

How much time do we spend in evicting in Valencia?

In Eviction´s Company Valencia we work on the way that eviction ending as son as posible.

We have a prudential period of one week where the eviction is executed by the correct and ethical terms.

We always inform to the customer our advances with the eviction. This is for a customer gets confident and secure that he will never suffer anymore this problematic.

In addition we offer an Eviction Express service in Valencia in the time of less than 48 hours, taking all the legal and security advices with the speed that characterizes us.

Our legality for evictions in Valencia

In our Eviction´s Company in Valencia we are looking for the mediation and the definitive solution to the problematic with legal and sensible guarantees for our customers.

We want to remark that in August 2020 the Provincial Prosecution Office of Valencia adds more legitimacy to the eviction´s process. Issuing a tax decree that protects the owner of a property. The illegal occupation in Valencia is consider a fault or a minor crime.

If you are interested in our services don´t hesitate in conctacting us we´ll be ready for helping and offering solutions to you.

We are your trustful Eviction´s Company in Valencia!