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Mediation with the tenants

Our team will work to get what belongs to you. We are media experts and can help you.

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Dealing with tenants for: finishing, ampliation or modification of renting contract in friendly way

That he’s a delinquent tenant?
It is a person with a rental agreement who stops paying the monthly rent or any of the supplies contracted in the rented home.

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Procedures for an express eviction

The eviction process begins with the filing of the eviction claim, which, as we have said, has to be filed by lawyer and solicitor (unless the income is less than 166 euros per month, which is very rare).

It should be noted that the eviction trial will be dealt with by the verbal procedure, that is, not by ordinary judgment, which will make the times shorter. Before bringing a lawsuit it is recommended to claim the payment of the debt in writing, so that the will to default of the delinquent tenant is recorded.

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How long does it take to evict for non-payment rent?

Times are similar, this is because court proceedings are very slow due to the saturation situation in which our courts are involved.

Extrajudicial mediation or demand

You choose, extrajudicial mediation or demand?

Servi-okupas solves it for you.